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Paddlecrest Coaching was founded in 2006 by Richard Uren.

Over the past decade, Richard has delivered training programmes to many clubs and individuals, helping them become confident and competent paddlers.  Richard offers a wide variety of courses, which can either be organised in groups or personalised one-to-one sessions, depending on your requirements.

Richard has been kayaking for over thirty years and has participated and competed in many aspects of the sport. Sea kayaking is his real passion, growing up in Cornwall you are always in sight of the sea and are aware of her moods. He is a British Canoeing level 5 sea coach, level 3 surf coach and a qualified teacher, he taught Outdoor Adventure at the local college for twelve years.  Now Richard runs leadership and coaching programmes through his business Paddlecrest Coaching, along with trips to Brittany, Scotland and the Isles of Scilly. Richard has coached at the Jersey, Skye and CK/Mer Symposiums and enjoys the camaraderie of these gatherings, speaking the common language of the ocean. He is also a team paddler for South Coast Canoes and a coastal safety volunteer for the RNLI.

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